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Professional aromatherapist

My Story

When I was seven years old, headaches were a constant occurrence that seemed to have no explicable cause.

One night, suffering more acutely than usual, my father sat beside me and began to massage my temples gently and rhythmically. To this day I can recall the heavenly relief of this soothing application, surprised by the lightness and tenderness of his touch. Not only did this alleviate the pain and accompanying nausea, but I fell into a deep and blissful sleep, waking the next morning feeling totally refreshed and alive.

For this reason I have named my service "Alivio", which is actually the Spanish word for 'relief', neatly echoing my mother's Colombian heritage, while honouring my English father's healing capacity.

The art and power of massage has long since captivated me and after receiving positive feedback over the years, I decided to qualify professionally and to pass on the wonderful restorative effects of this therapeutic craft.


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Our passionate principles :


Create a serene sanctuary where individuals can escape the stresses of daily life, reconnect with their inner selves, and experience the transformative power of massage applications and natural essential oils.

Strive to provide personalised aromatherapy massage treatments that go beyond mere relaxation aiming to enhance physical, mental, and emotional balance.

Use the skills I have acquired (with the help of continuous learning & development) coupled with the therapeutic properties of carefully selected essential oils to promote a profound sense of harmony vitality and wellbeing. 


An account of the journey so far:


To achieve the certificated standard required by the Federation of Holistic Therapists, I completed a one year qualification programme at the double award-winning Brighton Holistics therapy training centre.

This included over 80 live case studies, an intensive anatomy and physiology course and the development of a researched Aromatherapy Bible comprising over 35 essential oils and carrier oils.

Tutor's quote:

"I honestly cannot tell you what an impressive Aromatherapy bible this is. It is by far the best one I have ever marked"



Ethical conduct

is paramount:

We aim to  educate all our clients about the potential effects and benefits of essential oils and massage treatments.


Our goal is to encourage them to make informed decisions about their treatment.

We will always respect the client's autonomy and personal boundaries throughout the treatment.

To learn more about:

  • Client Interaction

  • Confidentiality 

  • Professionalism

  • Competence

  • Safety & Hygiene

  • Propriety & Respect


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What clients say

 about us:

"Mike takes great care and interest in finding the right aroma for each presenting issue"


"Mike was wonderful - he was patient, considerate and knowledgeable in developing a solution for me - thank you!"


"Over the course of massage sessions, Mike learned what I liked and responded well when I highlighted areas which needed extra attention"

"Mike is extremely well organised, furthermore he thinks deeply about which oils to use and hits the spot perfectly with them"

"Relaxing, soothing and very enjoyable, as well as energising"

"I thoroughly enjoyed my massage and felt calm and relaxed after - it also helped an injury I had sustained in my neck to heal"

"Wonderfully relaxing and tension relieving"


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